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A. This is an invitational tournament. The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.
B. You must be 18 years or older to participate by yourself. If under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult over 18 and have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian on file with the tournament director. Participants 16 years of age and older must have a valid Ohio fishing license.
C. You must abide by the rules set forth in this document and all Ohio laws.
D. You must sign a "Waiver of Liability" that will be kept on file by the tournament director.
E. Every new member must be sponsored by two (2) active members. Entry is subject to approval by the tournament director.


A. Tournaments will be held every Tuesday at 5:00 PM, regardless of weather, at the Wellman Meadows ramp unless the ramp is closed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or the Army Corp of Engineers.
B. You must be in the Wellman Meadows parking lot, not in the water, for boat inspection by 4:45 PM and preferably by 4:30 PM so everyone can be in the water on time. Once you have signed in, you may not leave the parking lot without permission from the tournament committee (except to launch your boat). All boats will be inspected before launch.
C. No pre-fishing of Caesar Creek Lake is allowed on Tuesdays. You must be off the lake by midnight Monday night.
D. Tournaments will end at different times due to length of daylight. The tournament director will specify the ending time at each tournament.
E. You must fish 50% of the weekly tournaments to be eligible to qualify for the Championship Tournament.
F. The Championship Tournament date will be set by the tournament director with as much input as possible from the membership.
G. Life jackets must be worn while the big engine is running with the kill switch hooked to the boat driver.


A. Annual membership fee per person: $25.00, payable before fishing your first tournament. This fee will be used for tournament costs and the Championship Tournament payout.
B. Weekly entry fee per boat: $25.00. One or two people may fish in a boat.
C. Weekly payout (per boat entry fee):
First place
Big bass
Second place
Third place
Championship Pot
D. In the event that no team catches a legal keeper bass, all monies will be put into the Championship fund.
E. In the event that only one team catches a legal bass, that team will receive first place, big bass, second place, and third place money. If only two teams catch legal bass, third place money will be split between the two teams.


A. Points will be awarded for all fish weighed under the following format:
First place - 65 points
Second place - 60 points
Third place - 59 points
Fourth place - 58 points
Fifth place - 57 points
Sixth place - 56 points
etc., etc.
Each team will receive ten points for participation in a tournament. The top forty (40) individuals in the point standings will qualify for the Championship Tournament. The tournament directors and boat check-in director will automatically be qualified for the Championship Tournament and will not be counted in the top 40.


A. You must be to the check-in boat or in line at the end of the designated time or be disqualified. If you have fish to weigh-in, you must receive a weigh-in tag from the check-in boat located at the marker buoy at the north end of the Wellman Meadows no-wake zone. Weigh-in tags will not be given out after the designated ending time and boats without tags will not be allowed to weigh fish.
1. No dead bass will be weighed.
2. There will be a penalty of eight (8) ounces for any short fish brought to the scales to be weighed. If this is the only fish a contestant has, the ten points for fishing the tournament will not be awarded. Contestants may use the board to check fish length before submitting a fish for weigh-in.
B. Every bass will be measured and weighed by a member of the tournament committee. Any controversies will be decided immediately by the tournament director.
C. Only largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky spotted bass will be weighed.


A. You may not pass a competitor’s boat in a no-wake zone on initial blast-off unless that competitor is stopping to fish. You are not allowed to run the no-wake zones anywhere on the lake. If two competing boats turn you in for running a no-wake zone, you will be warned the first time. The second time, you will be disqualified from that tournament. In the event that there are repeated complaints from different boats about any one team or individual running no-wake zones, the tournament committee reserves the right to warn that team or individual. If complaints continue after a formal warning, the tournament committee reserves the right to disqualify that team or individual. Running no-wake zones is a form of cheating and will not be tolerated. Infraction of this rule witnessed by a tournament committee member will not require backup by a second boat for a warning to be issued.


High point winner for the year - TBD
First big bass - TBD
Second big bass - TBD
First big bass and second big bass may be awarded to fish caught from the same boat.

The remainder of the Championship pot will be split between the top three places:
First place - 50%
Second place - 30%
Third place - 20%
No one fishes alone during the Championship. Everyone must have a partner, whether or not it is their regular partner. If one partner of a team does not make or cannot attend the Championship, a new team must be formed either by agreement between the people involved or as determined by the tournament directors.


Children under the age of ten will be allowed to accompany a parent, grandparent, or guardian as a third person in a boat without paying dues. The tournament directors must be notified if a child is present. This is a safety precaution so that if there is an accident, the tournament directors will know if there was a third person in the boat. Children ages ten and older will be considered full fishing partners and must pay club dues.


A. Having live bait or prepared baits in the boat. The only exception is pork rind.
B. Launching your boat before it has been inspected by the designated inspector.
C. Bringing a fish to weigh-in that was not legally caught during the tournament.
D. Accusation of a rule infraction that is upheld by the tournament director.
E. Running a no-wake zone after one warning has been given. Running a no-wake zone for the third time may result in expulsion from the Tuesday Night Tournaments at the discretion of the tournament directors.
F. Receiving a citation from any law enforcement official for infraction of laws governing Ohio waterways.
G. Entry will be refused to anyone who has been banned from any other tournament circuit.
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